EECP  Glossary  

    Vamed ECP_MC3 is a new ALL_IN_ONE design device evolved from Vamed old model EECP_MC2,which has been manufactured and installed in several hundred Treatment Centers around the world since 1976.Advanced Performance innovate ECP therapy with more effective and comfortable.

Working Environment

Temperature:10℃~35℃    Relative Humidity: ≤80﹪   Atmospheric Pressure:86kPa ~106kPa

Transport and Storage Environment

Temperature:-10℃~40℃  Relative Humidity:≤80﹪  Atmospheric Pressure:50kPa~106kPa

Power Supply Requirements

Voltage: (single-phase) 220V±22V;20A   Frequency:50Hz±1Hz

Display Function

Display content:ECG waveform, Finger Pleth waveform, inflation/deflation signal, SPO2,
                pressure value, heart rate, NIBP, D/S ratio and residual treatment time.
Scanning speed:25mm/s or 50mm/s.
Operation Function   Patient Protection
The System has following Functions
which are ECG Amplitude
Finger Pleth Amplitude
Inflation/Deflation starting time Adjustment
Air Pressure Adjustment
Treatment Time Adjustment
Solenoid Valve control
Compressor Control
SPO2 Alarm, Blood Pressure Alarm
Patient Information, and Printing.
  Automatic inflation stop and pressure release on early extra systole.
Automatic pressure release whenever an extra systole or other indicator of an
      arrhythmia or aberrant activity is detected.

Automatic treatment stop and pressure release if power outage occurs.
Automatic pressure release if air reservoir tank pressure is more than 59kPa.
Automatic high-pressure limit. Automatic release if the pressure is 5 kPa over

Automatic stop and pressure release if heart rate is goes out of range 35~125bpm.
Automatic pressure release if ECG electrodes fell down during treatment.
Emergency stop button.

ECG Amplifier

Input impedance: ≥4MΩ   Maximum Augment Gain:≥60dB   Common mode rejection ratio(CMRR): ≥90dB   Minimum ECG detection voltage: ≤0.25mV

Pulse Detection

Method:use Finger Plethysmograph   Maximum Augment:≥60dB(8 grades adjustable)

NIBP Measure

NIBP required pressure range   60~250mmHg(default is 160 mmHg)
NIBP measuring interval   5~50mins(default is 20mins)
NIBP( high pressure) warning range   upper limit:160~210mmHg(default is 200 mmHg)
  lower limit:0~120mmHg(default is 100 mmHg)
NIBP (high pressure) Stop Treatment range   Upper limit:210~230mmHg(default is 230 mmHg)
  Lower limit: 70~90mmHg(default is 90 mmHg)

SPO2 Oxygen Saturation

Oxygen saturation range: 0 ~ 100﹪。
Oxygen saturation warning range:50﹪ ~ 99﹪。
Accuracy SpO2:± 1 digits for using the Finger Clip Sensor.
Oxygen saturation is lower than warning value, the System will alarm.
Oxygen saturation is lower than 90%, record it into file.
Oxygen saturation is lower than 80%, stop the compressor automatically.

Triggering Method

Internal trigger:the System produce simulate square wave, range from 10~170bpm
External trigger:R-wave of patient ECG
External trigger ratio: 1:1 or 1:2
ECG trigger range: 35~125 bpm ±1 bpm

Filter Technique

Low-pass digital filter assorted with double T filter eliminates 50/60Hz and high-frequency interference, as well as 40Hz body muscle electricity interference.

Treatment Pressure Range

Adjustable from :0~50kPa(classified in 20grades;2.5kPa /stage)

Cuffs Inflation Method

Three classes sequence inflation from calves, low thighs and upper thighs.

Table Safe Working Load

400 lb (180 kg)

Treatment Timer

Treatment Time setting range is 0~120 mins, the default is 60 mins.

System Protection

The circuit breaker: main fuse is 15A、computer system fuse is 3A.

Continue Working Time

More than 8 hours per day in the regulate situation.

Equipment Dimensions and Weight

Length  Width Height Net Weight
1100mm 550mm 1100mm 150kg
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