1. Enhanced External Counterpulsation: Chronicle of a New Approach to the Therapy of Angina Pectoris
Ezra A. Amsterdam, MD

2. The emerging Role of Enhanced External Counterpulsation in Cardiovascular Disease Management
 John E. Stobeck, MD, PhD; Robert Baklajian, MD; Joseph C. Hannan, MD

3. Case Studies: Enhanced External Counterpulsation
Joseph Tartaglia, MD; Justin Stenerson Jr, MD

4. Enhanced External Counterpulsation: US Clinical Research
William E. Lawson, MD; John C. K. Hui, PhD; Lynn Burger, RN; Tong Guo, MD; Harry S. Soroff, MD

5. Psychosocial Aspects of Enhanced External Counterpulsation
Gregory L. Friccione, MD; John Hui, PhD; Alison Fife, MD, MPH; Lena Jandorf, MA;
    Bernard Vaccaro, MD; Lynn Burger, RN; William E. Lawson, MD; Peter Cohn, MD

6. Historical Review of the Development of Enhanced External Counterpulsation Technology and its
    Physiologic Rationale

Harry S. Soroff, MD; John C.K. Hui, PhD; Fabio Giron, MD

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